Guangzhou Yihu lighting Equipment Co., LTD., our factory is located in Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,CHINA, specializing in the production of bar lighting, KTV lighting, waterproof lighting, performance wedding lighting and other stage lighting equipment. Is a set of stage lighting product research and development, production, sales and service as one of the lighting enterprises.
Business scope includes manufacturing lighting lamps and lanterns, stage lighting manufacture, audio equipment installation, lighting equipment rental, sales stage lights, lamps and lanterns, stage special effect product manufacturing, electronics, communication and automatic control technology research, development, LED display, lighting system installation, hardware accessories manufacturing, processing, electronic components and component manufacturing, electronic components retail, Import and export of goods (except for specialized goods), import and export of technology, lighting design services, interior decoration design services, etc.
The main products are: 230W beam lamp, 250W beam lamp, 260W beam lamp, 295W beam lamp, 350W beam lamp, 380W beam lamp, 350W380W440W600W waterproof beam lamp, 280W  spot wash beam lamp, 330W spot wash beam lamp, 350W spot wash beam lamp, 380W spot wash beam lamp, 700W head-shaking cutting lamp, 1200W head-shaking cutting lamp, 54 LED par light, 18 LED par light, 24 LED par light, 36 led moving head light, 19 led moving head light, 19 big bee-eye moving head light, LED floor tile, lighting console, tracking lamp, outdoor searchlight, outdoor rainproof beam lamp, Stage smoke machine, laser lamp and other stage lighting equipment.
Company is located in the beautiful guangzhou baiyun district JiangGao Town, the company has professional equipment and technical personnel, as a stage lighting manufacturer, bright lights tiger to bring advanced stage lighting concept to the world, from establishing the open stage lighting factory, to introduce the modern management mode of the 21st century, bright lights in the lighting industry, tiger It has achieved a leap of internationalization, scale and specialization.
Yihu lighting has a beautiful dream, we hope: where there is a stage, there is Yihu lighting. Today's Yihu lighting with advanced technology, excellent quality, stable performance, has been widely used in various fields and lighting peer manufacturers at home and abroad, from stage lighting to lighting rental performance, from bars, slow rocking bar lighting to film and television, auto show lighting, Has become a variety of large-scale commercial performance activities, large variety shows, star concert, song and dance theater, television stations and other places recommended lighting brand!
As a well-known stage lighting manufacturer, it owns several independent brand trademarks, high-power shaking head lamps, outdoor waterproof beam lamps, various stage lamps and so on. After years of continuous development, the stage lighting market has a decisive role.
Yihu lighting has been committed to serving customers all over the world, with the goal of fully developing strategic cooperation at home and abroad and introducing high-tech talents, centering on the concept of stage lighting product development, production, sales and service, to further enhance the competitiveness of the international market.
Based on the concept of creating value through science and technology, Yihu lighting has the courage to innovate and challenge, constantly developing new models and introducing a large number of talents and partners from home and abroad. Let us work together to create a global stage lighting brand.